Welcome at the internet site of the Dutch Citroën Visa-Club. Unfortunately, it is for various reasons beyond our means to translate all the pages of our site in English. However, we are sure the joy and atmosphere within our club will be evident through the pictures.

The Citroën Visa-Club was formed in July 2000. Nowadays, the club counts more than 100 members, of which some come from abroad. We all have the same goal: keeping our cars – the Citroën Visa, C15, LN/LNA and Axel – on the road and in good shape, as long as possible. We are an active club: each year, we organize various meetings. Besides, we issue an informative club magazine, called Visa Versa. The club warehouse is a big help in connection with the need of spare parts of our members.

We welcome foreign members. Our contribution fees for foreign members do not differ from those from the Netherlands.

foto’s © Okke Groot



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